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We focus on providing the highest quality produce to local restaurants and grocery stores.  We also participate in local farmers markets in order to interact more directly with our customers. 

We do a lot of experimenting with soil mixes, baby greens, some vegetables, basil, and other herbs to try and figure out the most cost effective ways to grow them indoors.

We experiment with all different types of lighting, from LED and fluorescent lights, to Nikola Tesla's induction lighting.  The sun is a very powerful source of energy that cannot be replicated, but it is really important that we find the correct lighting technology to replace, or supplement it.

We are currently interested in permaculture styles of farming and building a unique, one of a kind greenhouse. We are determined to find the best possible way to sustainably grow food on this planet.

All of our produce is started from certified organic seeds and grown in natural and organic soil. Our soils contain a large and diverse group of beneficial microorganisms that help break down organic matter into food for the plants. Ingredients such as alfalfa meal, earthworm castings, soybean meal, and kelp meal are mixed into the soil to provide long-term food sources. The soil is then fed fresh, filtered water, recycled out of the enclosed indoor atmosphere. 

Along with the intense air filtration systems installed in our facilities, we take great precautions before entering the growing area to ensure we aren’t bringing bugs, fungi, or plant diseases into the space with us. Before entering, employees and visitors shed all loose clothing, spray down with alcohol and put on full body
coverings, some of which include a body suit, face mask, gloves, and hair cover. This helps not only keep contaminates out, but also protects against an
employee or visitor from transferring a human related sickness or disease to the produce. 

Food safety is our main concern and we will continue to improve on our practices and methods to ensure a safe and healthy product.   

Safe, Healthy, and Natural Produce

Westbridge Farms was founded to create sustainable communities with year round access to safe and healthy produce. We match our growing schedules and crop rotations with the needs of our business partners. With our diverse indoor growing space, we can cultivate a variety of crops at any time of the year. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of produce nurtured in our enclosed facilities. Our produce is inspected daily for any signs of pests, fungi, mold, disease, and nutrient deficiencies. Our controlled indoor environment ensures plants are constantly surrounded by fresh, clean air, free of the pollutants that are pumped into the earth’s atmosphere everyday by big commercial farms, manufacturers, and other industrial operations. We currently recycle many of our resources and are diligently working to become energy independent and fully self-sustainable.

In traditional commercial farming quality is often sacrificed for profits. It becomes expensive to fight or ward off diseases, pests, and fungi to keep crops alive and looking healthy. To fight these problems farmers often turn to harsh chemicals, synthetic and organic, which can stay within the plant or leave behind residues on leaf surfaces. At Westbridge Farms, all such problems are avoided in our controlled indoor growing environment. Why risk purchasing contaminated produce from outdoor farms when you can get consistently high quality produce, without the harmful chemicals, from indoor farms like ours?

Many commercial farms not only adopt unhealthy farming practices, but also hire cheap labor. These workers can be paid very low wages, allowing bigger farms to bring down the cost of their produce drastically. Unfortunately, these low wages support a poor quality of life and create an artificially low retail and wholesale pricing structure. We do not believe that this is a sustainable, or healthy way to support communities. At Westbridge Farms, we work hard to ensure our business has a positive impact on the communities we support.

Sealed Environment Agriculture

All of our produce is grown indoors in a controlled environment. At Westbridge Farms, our controlled indoor climate produces its own oxygen and carbon dioxide. HEPA filters, multiple varieties of carbon filters, certain types of plants, along with UV-C lights, are used to filter the air and to ensure a germ-free and unpolluted environment. We scrub our air at an incredibly high rate with multiple types of filters because there is no air brought in, or let out, of the growing space. We are what we eat so it is extremely important that the food we consume comes from a toxin free environment.  

As our industrial world expands, more toxic substances are emitted into our atmosphere.  Food grown outside in that environment will continue to become more unhealthy and contaminated. This, combined with unreliable weather patterns and climate change, will likely create a future where crops grow poorly outside unless they are genetically modified to withstand these changes. Consumers that want to stay healthy and avoid the risk of eating contaminated or genetically altered food, should look toward produce grown in a controlled indoor environment. 

Indoor growing environments like ours, where light, temperature, humidity, and C02 levels remain constant, will replace the conventional outdoor farms we see today. Growing indoors allows us to reuse almost all of our resources, including our water, soil, and air. It also reduces the amount of land that needs to be dedicated to food crop production. Instead of expanding outwards, we expand upwards by stacking soil beds on top of each other.  In this way, we can turn one square foot of growing space into many square feet of growing space. This means we can produce the same amount of food as traditional farms, yet only use a fraction of the same resources.  

Our next big step is to obtain renewable power sources that will provide for all of our electrical needs.  We are exploring options such as, wind turbines, solar panels, volatile gas production through algae, and methane production through the anaerobic digestion of food waste. We are working hard to bring our carbon footprint down to a bare minimum, if not zero, and will continue to look for new ways to become more efficient and energy independent.  

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